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Design in context, rename your groups and let Slicy do the heavy lifting. Come learn about Adobe Shadow , a new preview and inspection tool for web designers and developers who care about how their sites look on devices. See a demo of Shadow in action, and take the opportunity to ask questions of the Shadow team, and hear where the team is headed with future versions of Shadow.

Says Engadget :. PS Touch is the Note Adobe Ideas 1.

New features:. Ideas 1. This version will also be bundled with the new Samsung Galaxy Note Long live the new Stage 3D :. Get the app here. Good news :. When the new iPad ships, Digital Publishing Suite customers will have support for these new features in the enterprise-signed Adobe Content Viewer. When the newest build of Content Viewer is approved in the Apple App Store, these features will be supported in all published new iPad applications. Check it out and let us know what you think via the forum on Labs.

Today I saw Neven Mrgan writing , of iPad photo apps,. I experienced the pain, over and over, on my trip to Guatemala. For example:. PhotoAppLink is a nice start, but we need something universal. The iPad is too big to shoot with; the iPhone is too small to edit on. I really thought that AirDrop would sort things out; hope springs eternal.

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Do people actually do collaborative, realtime document editing—and if so, under what circumstances? And yet, and yet… I remain kind of fascinated by Layer Tennis , Mixel , and other collaboration efforts. And if so, do you use such tools and if not, why not? In a slightly related vein, Draw Something makes collaborative drawing into a game sort of mobile Pictionary , and apparently 2 million people are using it every day!! I just installed the trial version and it works beautifully.

Take photos with an Android phone? The Adobe Digital Publishing Suite is en fuego. According to VentureBeat ,. Nine percent of readers spend up to 5 hours a month reading tablet publications. This is very cool.

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No saving, no keyboard shortcuts, just lossless previews in realtime. It is the absolute fastest way to preview a design mock up on an iOS device. Check out the user forum to let us know your thoughts. Now, let me anticipate two questions which go hand in hand: Why does the app require an iPad 2, and why is the maximum image size xpx? PS Touch brings some seriously powerful algorithms e.

HTC One (M7)

About five years ago we gave Photoshop the ability to stack multiple images together, then eliminate moving or unwanted details. The Verge has a bit more detail on the user experience. Now available on the Android Market :. Improved compatibility with Android 4.

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This button supports returning prior to screens and can be used for easier folder navigation. The team at Adobe is looking for people to join our prerelease program. Looks creamy smooth. From the Carousel Revel team :. We originally chose the name Adobe Carousel because it was descriptive of core functionality in the product — access to all your photos on any device i.

In the future, you can expect we will also be able to offer additional photography solutions on the newly named Adobe Revel platform. The app has also been updated to v1. Ah, this sounds nice :. This change will also display your Instagram photos beautifully in your timeline. Instead he tipped me off to this enhancement. Still, I love to see that industrious people are trying to help iPads realize their potential, and that customers are responding. Looks like a neat app , though with all such tools, I always wonder how enduringly useful shape recognition is relative to simply dropping objects into a design.

Want to annoy a photographer?

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What camera did you use? We do well to focus more on artists than their media. Kyle Lambert shows how far one can take even very simple tools. Kyle is a fine artist based in the UK and was formally trained as an oil painter. He currently freelances and specializes in painting, illustration and animation. And that list includes all apps phone and tablet in the market, not just those for tablets. Top Grossing Photography — Android Market.

Russell Brown shows a clever technique, using a live camera feed to create textures on Photoshop Touch layers:. As for iPad availability, the plan is to announce more in early Check out the user forum to ask questions and provide feedback.

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Petapixel writes ,. Imagine a world where every person on the street can be identified by simply pointing your phone at their face. Curious about a stranger? Point your camera at them to pull up their Facebook profile. People who had concerns over facial recognition in Facebook photos are going to have a fit about this one….

If you see anything cool, give a shout. Here he talks about what the app means to him:. I was just telling our 3-year-old Finn that a kid we know dressed up as an iPod a few years ago. Key among the new features in Adobe Reader Check out the Conference , happening this Saturday in San Francisco and streaming online:. The first camera phone photo was taken on June 11th, The Micronaxx ages 3. In this case, though, simplicity is key, and the lovely hidden little treats e. Adobe Proto captures, I think, the real spirit of tablets: be fun, fresh, immediate, and playful.