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Behind them the Highland Nation prepares for war, while Gareth leads this band of men, most of them life long enemy's in to the adventure of a life time. They will fight in battles of epic proportions, facing prehistoric monsters with little more than long spears. Myth and magic grip the Lowlands as the Great Sea King, the most powerful wizard in the world attempts to seize the last kingdom not under his power by subversion.

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  • Gareth Ogilvie The Highland War Chieftain by J.W. Murison.

Love potions, magic mists and invisibility cloaks, are only a part of what this mage will get up to, to win for himself the great lands of Clover. Tables Tables.

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Loading article contents, please wait Line 0. Line 1. Line 2. The Pit of the. The "mounted peelers" too,. One of these noble. This little bit of untimely re-.

Donnchadh, Earl of Carrick

Line 3. Mister Masters. A'Beckctt, Legion of Spain ; Arm-. Ayrane, Officer in the Spanish Guards ;. Appleton, Brigand ;. Blair, Barrister ; Buckland, Dame. Boyd, Highland Chief ; Curwen. Bowen, Midshipman ; Blox-. Rogue, Mahomed Akhbar Khan ; Edward. Bird, Swiss ; Misses Bucknell, a Tyrolien-.

Cape, Master of Lists, Cantab ; Cham-. Campbell, Shaughanghey,. Connnell, Staff-Officer ; Connell, jun. Cooper, Commodore ; R. Campbell, Lady. Misses Cordeaux ; Cath-. Dawes, one of the Stewards ; Dawes,. Devlin, Highland Chieftain ;. Dumouline, Venetian Noble ; Driscoll, Paddy. Dick, Knight. Dunlop, Highland Chief ; A.

Mesdames Dawes, Costume of Goze ;. Dean, Highland Lass ; Davis,. Eccleston, Don John of Austria ;.

Elyard, Ancient English Dress ; Edrop,. Line 4. Ebsworth, Officer of the. Mesdames Eccleston, a. Misses Egan,. Fisher, "My Own" ; Foster, Civil.

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William Gibbes, Earl of Roches-. Gorman, Barrister. Lady Mary Fitz. Garling, a. Hay, a Gentleman, of the Reign of. Hill, Knight of the Red. Hindson, Dr. Pangloss ; Hindson, Swiss. Dumpbuzzel ; A. Hollinshed, Tom. Victory ;. Hill, Figaro ;.

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Hill, Edela ; Hanley, Lady of the. Hollinshed, Old English Lady ; Hadsley. Harpur, Flora ; Hapley. Irving, Chief of Glengarry ; Inches,. Innes, Dress of the. Jeffrey, Knight Templar ; Jeffries,. Joseph, Huntsman ; Joseph-. Jacques, Spanish Huntsman ;. Jamison, an Albanian ; Jamison, Hanoverian. Joubert, Jack Struggler ; R. Soon they were running all night long and within a few days reached the great plain. Hunt, smoke meat. Its three hundred miles to the great City of Clover. That will slow us down. I suggest we move in extended line though. That way there will be less chance of missing any water if we do come across it.

They soon had a camp up and the men settled in, but not for long.