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Things like systemic racism can wear on a person to the point that it degrades her health at the same time it restricts her access to good health care, resulting in higher rates of chronic disease and shorter life expectancies for black women than white women. You can, but you would be wrong. And cruel. Thank you for hollering at the other girls on your MLM team to read it! Elissa Johnson, a year-old mom in St. She decided to go back to college last year to get a degree in occupational therapy.

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I can do hard things. I can do things that scare me. Yes, I have a family, a special needs kiddo, a husband who travels internationally, but I can do this. I define my reality. The video includes an image of Hollis running through a crowded room, high-fiving the people who have gathered to hear her speak.

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There is something to this, and something to hearing it from a woman, at least in a way that trades on a certain kind of privilege. I do get to decide, I want to tell myself.

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And I can decide. Being empowered to let go of my anxiety or self-criticism as a wealthy white woman is certainly helpful to me, and I appreciate that message from Hollis on a certain level. In one anecdote about the power of setting goals, Hollis recounts her obsession with buying a Louis Vuitton Speedy bag, which cost a thousand dollars. And she takes that brand of feminism a step further by marrying it with Christianity, in what is essentially a Pinterest-worthy version of the prosperity gospel.

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This attitude has a historical context in the Pentecostal religious tradition in which Hollis was raised. Pentecostalism has always been the slightly embarrassing uncle at the evangelical family reunion — its unfiltered and emotional expressions of faith can make it look a little unseemly to outsiders. A patina of racial diversity has been another hallmark of Pentecostalism, although during the civil rights era, racism from white leaders of the church caused a division that lasted through the s, and well into today in some parts of the country.

In the United States, the movement gained momentum in the early days of the 20th century with several well-known revivals, the most famous of which was the Azusa Street Revival in , led by a black preacher named William Seymour. And as far back as the Azusa Street Revival, white Pentecostals displayed a religious version of black cultural appropriation. Liza gives her daughter a little mom heart-to-heart about deserving better — which makes Liza realizes she needs to stop with the secrets.

She tells Caitlin everything — about dating Charles and, yes, even her big age secret. Caitlin reacts as a daughter should and laughs at the insanity of it all. Liza takes her No More Secrets show on tour and pays Charles a visit at home. In case you forgot, Empirical needs some help. It might come in the form of Quinn Tyler. As for loving each other out in the open, Charles still needs Liza to keep their relationship quiet, for the good of the company. Remember that Diana Trout high I was talking about earlier?

It is completely gone now.

Are we seriously pumping the brakes on Charles and Liza already? Meanwhile, Josh is having the tattoo he got for Liza covered up and it all feels like too much to take. She has no time for overbearing mothers who will never think a woman is good enough for their sons. She has no time for being called out at family dinner for not knowing how to cook or not being Italian. And she certainly has no time for killing eels with hammers in the kitchen. Can we get a recipe? Younger viewing parties complete with lasagna honestly sounds like heaven. But not Zuckerberg. From all of us.

He wanted to really honor those and really, really lean into them and not just toss them off as you know, an easy twist or an easy resolution. As she walks to her car, two helmeted people on a motorcycle whizz by and shoot her. So, she was totally into it. The event also occurs in Episode 4, which allows for Bosch and her daughter Maddie Madison Lintz to truly have time to process her death and mourn her.

It felt like a good, really emotional, very different kind of season.

But, I kind of really was attracted to the idea that we do that in a season, that we would see, not just a main character die, which is always startling but to really deal with the consequences of that and the aftermath, the emotional aftermath of that and how that might bear down on the detective and affect his ability to do the job. I really wanted to feel the ripple effect of it. The writers, L. Johnson and Shaz Bennett did a great job of setting that in motion in the second half of the episode.

‘Bosch’ Boss Discusses Eleanor’s Big Scene and What’s Coming in Season 5

And then we keep it going in [Episode] 5 and 6 and it keeps kind of reverberating and rippling through the rest of the episodes until the end. Lawyer Howard Elias Clark Johnson getting killed on the Angels Flight funicular occurs on the eve of his high-profile case that involves a black client who accuses the LAPD of torturing him during interrogation. Looking at the landscape of L. What is the nature of policing versus the nature of the community?

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So we wanted to look at that.