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Life was good for Archie and the sky seemed to be the limit, until the summer before his junior year at Ole Miss when he'd find his father Buddy's lifeless body in his own home suicide. It was a crushing blow. Providing much-needed support at the time was his eventual wife, Olivia, whom he'd met as a student in Oxford. Committed to his family at an early age, Manning first felt it most appropriate to forget about football and return home to work and take care of his family. That was his plan, at least until his mother voiced her opinion.

Wishing for her son to continue his education and follow his passion for football, she helped sway Archie to head back to Oxford for his junior year. That he was ready and willing to hang up his cleats and pursuit of a college education to tend to his family back in Drew speaks volumes of his own upbringing.

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It's those same selfless, humble, unassuming characteristics that would go on to make Manning the player and father he would soon become. Nevertheless, he continued with his stellar play under coach Vaught over the next two seasons. Not only could Manning direct passes into traffic with razor precision, but he also proved to be quite elusive on his feet. As a result of his outstanding play in college, the New Orleans Saints would select Manning with the No.

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The Saints were struggling when he joined the team, but an upbeat Manning was going to make the very best of the opportunity he'd been afforded. Year after year, game after game, Archie and the Saints struggled mightily. Nevertheless, Archie kept on getting back up after each hit, each loss and each day when most men in his shoes would have simply gotten angry. Archie remained cool and collected. He gave it his all every time he suited up, but what happened on the field stayed on the field. Archie's heart and soul was with his family. Never forgetting how he lost time with his own father and always wanted to be a consistent figure in his children's lives, Cooper became Archie's pride and joy.

Just two years later, Cooper would gain a little brother Peyton. Despite the beating their dad took each Sunday escaping NFL defenses, Archie made sure to spend as much time as possible with Cooper and Peyton when he wasn't on the field. When Cooper, Peyton and Eli came into Archie's life, they immediately became the center of his world.

He always made the extra effort to take time to be with his boys, despite living the life of an NFL QB.

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The film shows photos and clips of him tossing the pigskin with the boys, playing down on the ground with them and taking home videos himself as a proud young father. Back on the field, No. Manning's cumulative record in the big leagues was , and he earned each and every one of those 31 victories. As tough as it was, he enjoyed it all despite never having played on a team with a winning record. Not only was he showing his kids what a real dad looks like, but perhaps unknowingly he was showing his kids that you never give up on things when times are tough.

Having never pushed or steered any of the boys into the game of football, naturally Cooper, Peyton and Eli always looked up to their football father. Whether they were wearing Ole Miss clothes, football jerseys or just hanging with dad around the field, the Manning boys had great admiration for their daddy. In fact, they had the same type of relationship with their dad as Archie had wanted with his own dad.

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Getting to play together on the same team at the same time, Cooper and Peyton developed a special bond as not just brothers, but true friends. Cooper, a wide receiver, decided to follow in dad's footsteps and play college ball at Ole Miss.

Eli Manning: It’s fun teaching Daniel Jones and the younger guys - SportsCenter

Once again, things were going great for the Manning family until a spinal condition halted Cooper's football career forever. It shook Cooper and his family hard, but in typical Manning fashion he handled the situation with as much grace as could be expected from a teenager. After initial frustrations, he handled things with the same way he had grown up watching his father demonstrate in New Orleans. There was Archie's impact again.

Little brother Peyton quickly made national headlines as one of the greatest high school quarterbacks to have ever picked up a football. Thanks to his high school achievements, Peyton had offers from just about every college program in the land.

Manning earned Pro Bowl honours in after passing for a career-high 4, yards and guiding the Giants to five fourth-quarter comebacks during the regular season. He then won two road games in the play-offs to set the all-time mark for postseason quarterback wins on the road at five and propel the Giants to a second Super Bowl win over the Patriots. In Manning passed for 3, yards and 26 touchdowns and was named to a third Pro Bowl. The following year he led the NFL in interceptions with a career-high 27, as the Giants limped to a 7—9 record and missed the play-offs for a second straight year.

He improved on his production in , setting a career high with 35 passing touchdowns while throwing for 4, yards.

The Book of Manning: Archie Who? Archie the Father

His production fell off in with 4, passing yards and 26 touchdowns, but a much-improved defense helped the Giants earn a play-off spot for the first time in five years. Manning struggled in , throwing for 3, yards and 19 touchdowns, while the injury-plagued Giants team limped to a 3—13 record. Eli Manning. Info Print Cite. Submit Feedback. Thank you for your feedback. Written By: Paul DiGiacomo. See Article History. Start Your Free Trial Today.