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The Living Vampire / Real Vampire F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

The desire to be loved, to understand what it means to be human when your humanity is stripped away from you, those are beautiful themes and questions to raise in a novel about vampires. Rice showed the poetry in the genre and also gave women a stronger place in vampire literary lore. She wrote vampires for a female audience while creating a brutal and dark novel with Interview , but it was dark not just through violence but through emotion—and that is why the series means so much to people even now.

While Lestat only burns with the hellfire he himself rules. Want more stories like this? Henry feeding to regrow his skin after being flayed by Suren. Vampires can heal quite quickly, but not instantly. How long a vampire takes to heal and how much pain they are able to take depends upon the severity of the injury in question and also upon how strong the vampire is. Ultimately, so long as their heart isn't pierced with wood and they aren't decapitated, a vampire will be fully-recovered and self-repaired from any form of physical damage including injuries that would be utterly fatal to humans, such as stabbing, impaling, flaying and even headshots within a matter of hours - days.

When vampires suffer physical damage severe enough to be temporarily crippling to them, the healing process is best accelerated and aided by drinking more blood than usual. Vampires feel pain despite their inhuman endurance and healing factor, and thus can be temporarily greatly crippled by severe enough physical damage and even tortured. Vampires' vulnerability to pain and physical damage is higher the more weakened they are.

It would seem that a vampire's weakness to pain decreases with age; as Aidan, when recently-turned, responded to physical punches much like a human would, while the centuries-old Bishop was barely fazed by hits and even stabs.

Why Our Love For Anne Rice's Vampires Is Undying | The Mary Sue

Vampires possess a number of abilities that make them deadly creatures. The strength and efficiency of most if not all of a vampire's abilities depends upon the vampire's blood diet; vampires' abilities work at their best when they're feeding live and at full strength, while the abilities of vampires who are weakened by being starved of blood or by a diet of bagged blood are more weakened.

Vampires' powers also grow much stronger with age. Vampires' abilities can practically always overpower humans in combat, and they can also overpower werewolves in human form, depending upon a vampire's aforementioned diet health and how far away the full moon is. Aidan exercising his vampiric super-strength on Danny without any effort.

I Vant To Upend Your Expectations

Mother, a millennial-aged vampire, easily defeats and decapitates two young vampires with a swipe of her hand. Vampires cannot be killed in many ways that humans can; though they experience pain and can be crippled for days to seconds depending on the trauma, by methods that would hospitalise or kill humans, and there are a few specific natural substances which can temporarily paralyse, weaken and cripple them. There are certain methods that can be used to destroy them.

When a vampire dies, their body withers and burns away to ash, along with anything they were wearing. Sally calls it going "Joker-faced" because of how pale a vampire gets and their lips being stained with blood. Suren's severely-desiccated state from eighty years starved of blood while buried underground. It has been implied that when vampires die, there is no afterlife for them, unlike with humans and werewolves; in that vampires cannot get a door to the afterlife , and instead of becoming ghosts, there's apparently nothing for the dead vampire.

Bishop and Aidan both considered vampires' inability to have any afterlife to be a form of damnation.

It has also been indicated that dead vampires cannot be resurrected. However, if a vampire is cured and subsequently dies as a human, then it will become a ghost and be given a door to their afterlife on the Other Side just like ordinary humans and werewolves. As vampires are the undead, a vampire's condition can be cured and their humanity restored, through using witchcraft to sacrifice a ghost's energy and give it to a vampire's body as life energy; which will restore the vampire's body to life and render the vampire human.

The ritual apparently restores a vampire's soul as well as their body to its human state, as after Aidan became human and subsequently died, he was able to become a ghost and have a door to the afterlife. It would appear that a former-vampire does retain the ability to perceive ghosts after being cured though. Although the resurrection ritual is indeed able to make vampires human again, a consequence is that without the vampire curse keeping the person's body frozen at the age it was when the former-vampire was turned, their true age will begin to catch up with them; starting with the cured vampire's internal organs and then eventually their physical appearance as well.

See a Problem?

Thus, if the former-vampire had lived beyond a mortal lifespan as a vampire before they were cured, then they will only have a matter of days to live before they die of organ failure. Though it is possible to turn children into vampires, vampiric children are much more wild, volatile, feral and out-of-control due to the fact that children lack a certain form of self-control over their instincts.

Before being decimated by the Virus, vampires were known to have their own society and set of rules that they expected all vampires to adhere to.


The ancient vampire Mother was the ruler, and the Dutch were an elite who answered to very few vampires at all besides Mother. Most of the vampire covens and bureaucracy fell apart in the wake of the Virus, and the few surviving vampires now exist mostly independently. It is unknown if any of the Dutch still survive or if there are any covens left that are still operating. Suren exposes vampires in the s, an act which would get her put to ground for 80 years.

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Werewolves are viewed with disgust by most vampires. Werewolves give off a distinct scent noticeable to vampires and other werewolves which vampires find disgusting. But it does also feature some truly terrifying vampires… well, vampire-ish, anyway. Do you like your vampire dramas with mythology denser than a dwarf star?

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  • Evan Goldberg, Seth Rogan and Sam Catlin deserve a lot of credit for taking the vampire tropes we remember well and giving them a fresh feel, making Cassidy Joseph Gilgun both incredibly charming and incredibly violent. Blood practically oozes out of the screen during his initial introduction, in which Cassidy lays waste to an entire private plane of religious fanatics, and the show continued to mine his supernatural nature in captivating and unsettling ways.

    A vampire, a werewolf and a ghost become roommates — wackiness ensues. Well, wackiness and a compelling narrative that embraces the obviously comedic elements of its premise while also centering the drama around character, not plot. The original UK version begins with the stronger ensemble, but by the end of its run had completely changed over to a new cast of supernatural folks, and suffered as a result.

    Meanwhile, the North American remake stretched out its narrative in different ways due to episode count but was relatively consistent in quality for all four seasons. This show gets boos for naming its lead character Nick Knight. Plus, real talk: That is a truly badass opening credits sequence. Love those font choices.

    And that opening sequence remains an absolute gem. Watch it here. Later seasons definitely floundered, especially after Alan Ball left the series, but of all the shows on this list, none other dealt more explicitly and directly with the theme of how vampirism as a trope is connected with human sexuality. Dark, silly, complex and compelling, it left a major impact on the genre. There are so many unforgettable episodes and breathtaking moments from this show, so many characters who still live in our hearts.